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Martyn Hare


The man behind Emetic Records and purveyor of industrial, acidic techno since 2001. Unrestrained by allegiance to any one particular path of production, Martyn’s style simply refuses to be pigeonholed. His genre-splicing, eclectic blend is carried over into his DJ sets, in which he carefully combines the subtly soulful with the downright dirty to always get the dance-floor pumping.

Martyn started club djing in 1998, but it was while living in Leeds, UK, that he promoted his own events ‘Audio Science’, and it was through these nights that the world got its first taste of Martyn’s own dub plates, which grabbed the attention of a number of labels including Glen Wilson and Mike Humphries’ Punish imprint and Ben Long’s Potential Recordingz. It was Martyn’s first two releases on Potential (‘Bitchin’ and ‘Hare of the Dog EP’) that earned him worldwide respect, scoring a “Top 5 Tunes of the Moment” review in Ministry magazine and numerous plays on international radio.

Martyn grew with this success and used it as a foundation to push further forward, going on to issue major releases on Tronic, Recycled Loops, Planet Rhythm and Naked Lunch Records, as well as managing and producing for his own labels ‘Tremors’ and the now legendary ‘Emetic’. After playing numerous sessions for BBC Radio 1, charting number 13 in John Peels last ever Festive 50, and with two critically acclaimed albums under his belt, Martyn took a few years off to settle down and start a family. But now he is back. With incredible releases on Perc Trax, Earwiggle and his new Emetic DNA vinyl only imprint, he is once again DJing and performing his Classics_Live sets across the world, Martyn Hare is at the top of his game.