Remixes by Tom Clark & Fiord

The seduction begins with but a simple glance. Catching the eye of your heart and whispering into the ear of your soul. Alluring you along a path. A journey forward but confronting you with a journey deep within. Daring you to follow. A life long campaign that demands fortitude and challenges every fibre of your resolve. It lures you beyond the borders of your domain, tempting you at the chance of a boundless adventure. You invest heavily in what lies before you, in search of that place.

As your passion grows it can be crippling like a disease but enlighten you in the same breath. The cynics manoeuvre their pawns to deter you, corrupting the air with hesitation and polluting the streams in doubt. You make camp as night approaches under an abundant speckled sky and stoke the fire of your vision to warm your weary mind.

The truth in your heart speaks to you in your dreams and you awaken confident to brave whatever the new day will bring. And though the road forward can seem lonesome, inspiration watches you from afar, presenting itself in many forms, to remind you of why it has to be this way. As this is the trial of the journey, as you seek to conquer that calling from within.
For you surpassed the tests of yesterday to one day solve the Riddle at Fortune’s Pass

Artists Response
Richie Hawtin : Ten Thousand Hours is the bomb dizzle
Magda : Huntsmann (Original Mix)!
Umek : Huntsmann (Tom Clark Remix)
Christian Smith : Full Support! Great package!
Paco Osuna : Huntsmann (Tom Clark Remix) Thank you!
Desyn Masiello : The Riddle At Fortunes Pass for me the best track i been sent this year, and a really special vibe…..just wanted to say its amazing, and congrats to all involved… i will support this endlessly…
Butch : tom clark is dopee thx
Marco Bailey : Ten Thousand Hours
Anthony Pappa : Ten Thousand Hours and (Fiord Remix) for me
Bushwacka : Fiord Remix Nice production
Dave Seaman : fiord mix for me ta
Chris Lake : some good tracks here cheers
Onionz : ten thousand hours! Nice!
Antix :Well Impressed with this Ep. TC have delivered! wicked music.. Innovative and Original sounding! Thanks for this and great to be involved with this One.. Keep up the quality and great work guys. Kicking arse!
Todd Burns (resident advisor) : Ten thousand hours Thanks!

We would like to thank the following people for making this release as good as it is!

Photography: David Lazar

Creative Word: Robbie Byrne

Design: Ed Hale / Goldenhen Creative