Remixes by Technasia & Markus Fix

The rhythm of the gentle breeze triggers a feeling of familiarity. Like the calm before a storm, it evokes a sense of what’s to come but in this moment, a question of something felt once before. A paradox, standing at the crossroad of a mirrored path, the same, both forward and behind and as a single star graces the halcyon sky at dusk, a travelling stranger greets you hello.

Though new this friend may seem, you search your memory for the previous exchange of your last goodbye. Like souls intertwined, aged long before this present life, you smile in the simple comfort of their presence and as you bid farewell, goodbye old friend, you ponder the thought of an inherent history that lives deep within, beyond where your present mind will take you, to the very foundation of your soul.

For the past is the backbone of all things created and even though we naturally stray in the rigor of evolution, we are connected by the building blocks of that which will always remain. So for those who are lucky to be bestowed by that which came before, fear not when the path forward may be lost, the answers you need lie deep within along the footprints to a forgotten world.

Selected Feedback
Joris Voorn – Nice EP! Very colourful and wide arrangements. Fix Mix and Footprints are my favs!
Christian Smith – awesome! full support!
Timo Maas – good stuff!
Secret Cinema – Huge fan of Steve’s work….love the flow! Fat club tunes here! Can’t wait to see you guys in Australia! Chartreuse Verte is my fav!
DJ T – will download. thank you for good music!
Slam – strong release – will spin
Mark Knight – NICE BEATS!!
Umek – downloading.thx
Sharam – The Colour I Like downloaded !
Dosem – Gorgeous stuff, all tracks are pure class, just loved how organic and digital sounds melt together… Technasia remix is fantastic as well. “Footprints to a forgotten world” gave me goosebumps. Keep up the good job”
Hernan Cattaneo – Steve Ward – The Colour I Like is very good!
Dave Seaman – technasia rocks!
Paco Osuna – downloaded thank you
Pig & Dan – fantastic remix by Technasia, and Markus fix


We would like to thank the following people for making this release as good as it is!

Photography: David Lazar

Creative Word: Robbie Byrne

Design: Ed Hale / Goldenhen Creative