Remixes by Nicolas Masseyeff & Jamie Stevens


I traverse the caverns of my vast subterranean mind. I am searching. Looking for clues to the latest puzzle that toys with my brain. Although I have been here many times before, each time I have left I am no more accustomed to the code of this paradox than that of when I came. The options before me seem new but if I do recognize a path and decide to take it I am only led back to the very beginning of the complex maze.
I take my chances on a way, alone. I walk with shadows that swirl around me, strange shapes that appear on the walls to test my nerves. I hear whispers in the darkness that play to mock me, taunting me to turn away. I find a way to put them out of my mind but they once again return wearing cloaks of a familiar voices, trying to trick me into calling off my search.
I stop to take a deep breathe and remind myself that this is my world, my path. They are merely impostors, as their heckles fade in and out of the wind. I walk through the tunnels for hours, days, with no form of respite. I feel no further forward than I am back and a solemn mist blankets the flame of my zealous heart. The darkness begins to wear on me and I search the deepest trails of my resolve to find a light that may guide me along my way.
I chance upon a passage with a faint glow at its end and like the kind hand of a stranger to a lonely man, my spirits are ignited. As I move closer, the deterring voices, those that are always there, get louder, coming at me like a stampede from all directions. This time I am less affected by the disheartening words as the gentle light flickers in the distance. Slowly the noise disperses and I hear a sweet melody behind those, now muffled, voices of doubt.
I reach the end of the path, the shining light is warm on my face. At the end of the tunnel is a doorway and I am standing at the threshold of a whole new world. I smile and gaze fondly at the promise of this new inspiration. I have not set foot in this realm yet but somehow, strangely, I feel like I am home. For I have walked many miles and fought off those swindlers of doubt. I accept this as simply the process, in finding a muse in my void of insanity.


Selected Feedback
Secret Cinema – I simply love it!! Very nice remixes!!
Terry Francis – Habits (Jamie Stevens Tech Dub) is the 1 4 me
Butch – dope ep
Slam – cool trax – will try out Nicolas Masseyeff remix thanx guys
Wehbba – yeah really cool, especially that nicolas masseyeff remix will def play this out
Psycatron – Wicked ep, all very good but feeling the Jamie Stevens dub the most


We would like to thank the following people for making this release as good as it is!

Photography: David Lazar

Creative Word: Robbie Byrne

Design: Ed Hale / Goldenhen Creative