I find my place high above the busy streets as I always do. A place that for so long has been my chasm of solace; a beautifully concealed illusion that renders me invisible to all around me. It greets me as it always does, hello old friend, I take my seat, close my eyes and breathe. The frenzied pathways of my mind begin to ease, washing over me like a white sheet on a cool summer’s morning. The shrill of noise is called to order as the muddled sounds arrange themselves in their own individual channels. Ideas ignite like flares, colourful and bright, revealing things I’ve never seen nor heard before. I feel as though I am floating but in that very moment, I am grounded like never before. I take a step forward, the chaotic streets now calm and systematic in the world I create. I know I am close, so damn close and shudder, as a warm breath caresses the back of my vulnerable neck. I turn, and as I do, a current charges up my arm, gentle skin brushing across it. I step back, and turn, and then spin all the way around to find not a soul there. My eyes dart around like that of a child, woken from a frightened sleep. I spin around and around in hope but still there is no one there. I am confused and feel the pull gradually distort, and the image bends, footprints gently blown away in the sand. The wave of my world is breaking over me and I am helpless to its will. My world, my life’s search so delicate and manic and yet I can’t help but be drawn to find the purity of its core. A cool haze settles over the city, offering a strange calm in the fading light. I pause. Just when I thought that all was lost, eluding my imagination once more, I realize that all I ever need, all I could ever hope to find, is out there, in my world, patiently waiting to be interpreted from my maze of thought.

Feedback: laurent garnier – love the DOSEM mix Marco Carola – Mental Notes Stephan bodzin – dosem for me! love it. DJ REMY – Like the dosem mix Richie Hawtin – Mental Notes D-Nox – great release. full support — like all tracks Guy J – Interpretations and Dosem remix are top stuff Paco osuna – original and dosem rmx are great chris fortier – dosem remix

We would like to thank the following people for making this release as good as it is!

Photography: David Lazar

Creative Word: Robbie Byrne

Design: Ed Hale