Remixes by SQL & ESCAR

I walk the halls of this world I’ve created. A home I painstakingly architected, every brick and every nail is my own. The emotional turmoil, emotional freedom, a smile at the manic freeway I took to find my way here. The belief and the grit, the simple hope that sung to my heart that I tried to interpret in honour of her unfaltering voice.

These corridors once bright, I find dimmed in the familiarity I now know of them, with only a single way in which they lead. Unlike a time when my options were endless, standing in the middle of an open green pasture, arms outstretched as I turned, and turned with no defined way to go. But now I am here, protected by the shelter and certainty of this roof, no longer open to the vulnerability of my field.

I reach out both hands and run them along the hallway wall. Its texture is coarse, cracked and worn but warm on the end of my fingertips. The energy murmurs through my fingers and swirls in the palms of my hands. I turn to face the wall; my senses ignited, telling me there’s more to the naked eye. I feel it so clearly and yet all I can see is a blank canvas right there in front of me.

And though my set path would seem easy, continuing along the hallway of my current world. I can’t help be drawn along a different path, one I cannot yet see but guided by my instinct, by the force beyond common walls.

We would like to thank the following people for making this release as good as it is!

Photography: David Lazar

Creative Word: Robbie Byrne

Design: Ed Hale