Remixes by Peter Horrevorts & Jamie Stevens

Inspired beginnings spawned from a place of asylum. A chosen surrounding that is at best familiar, safe and equipped with an abundance of tools to nurture growth and foster creativity. Its boundaries serve to fend from those that seek to harm or influence the newly created. From afar, they cast their judgement and question such method as antiquated and obsolete.
Unyielding, those within know their means have been proven by something far more advanced, and is advocated as the purest of forms. It is only when the newly created gathers confidence and acceptance that it seeks what lies beyond its sanctuary. From that very first step beyond those fortified walls it is clearly vulnerable, exposed to the influence of a conformed world. And whilst it has been regarded as a prototype to a new way, it is forever tempted by the seduction of that which has come before it. A path though travelled by few, a path many of the few have travelled.
Nonetheless, there is always hope, in every creation, that one can stay the path. A path they compose themselves, constructed from a raw place that will always be labelled their own. But for now, my friend, as we stare at the smoke that besieges the distant horizon, this is the window between us and them……

Artists Features:
Featured on Dave Seaman – Global Underground 39 ‘Lithuania’ Compilation
John Digweed – Featured on Transitions 298
Sasha – Featured on 500th dj on BBC radio 1′s essential mix
Hernan Cattaneo – Featured on Hernans April Top20
Christian Smith – “fucking good release! full support! glad to see more aussie producers other than dirty south popping up! i would have signed this for tronic right way!”
Technasia – “Great EP. Support”
Dubfire – “support”
The Advent – “9/10 nice tracks with direction… will support”
D-Nox – “very good music in here. full support on Jamies remix!”
Nick Warren – “very very strong, all the mixes are good, and love the old school orbital vibes of “the Window””
Timo Maas – “good tracks/mixes”
Mark Knight – “great deep record!!!!”
King Unique “(Jamie Stevens Remix) sounds great – really atmospheric, fat and still has the wiggle factor”
Demi (S.O.S.) – “S.O.L.D – what a corking package”
Groove Armada – “supported!”

Photography: David Lazar | Creative Word: Robbie Byrne