We are fortunate to be surrounded by a fantastic group of people that share the same views in relation to the environment and global sustainability measures.

Our director Steve Ward is passionate about Chameleon’s commitment to becoming a 100% carbon neutral record label.

Therefore we decided to take matters into our own hands and take responsibility for our carbon footprint, that lead to the creation of the “Chameleon Tree Initiative”.

As part of this concept, we aim to plant a native Australian gum tree for every 20 vinyls sold, every 100 full EPs downloaded digitally and for every 500 individual digital tracks purchased online

If you have purchased the EP on Vinyl – Email us with the title “Chameleon Trees” and include your thirteen digit barcode (found on the back of the vinyl sleeve) for us to plant a native gum tree on your behalf on the Victorian Mornington Peninsula.

If you have purchased a vinyl you will notice a flier outlining the initiative and the instructions how to get your tree planted.

This flyer is printed on 100% recycled card 🙂

Steve Ward & The Chameleon Crew